Chaining Variable Assignments in JavaScript: Words of Caution

Declaring multiple variable expressions on a single line is common practice and also a great shorthand syntax. However, while reviewing several developer’s work recently, I noticed many are not aware this creates implicit global variables.

Identifier Resolution and Closures in the JavaScript Scope Chain

From my previous post, we now know that every function has an associated execution context that contains a variable object [VO], which is composed of all the variables, functions and parameters defined inside that given local function.

What is the Execution Context & Stack in JavaScript?

In this post I will take an in-depth look at one of the most fundamental parts of JavaScript, the Execution Context.

Futures and Promises in JavaScript

With JavaScript usage constantly on the increase, asynchronous event-driven applications are becoming more and more popular. However, a common issue many developers face is with result-dependent operations being used in an asynchronous environment.

Yahoo! Mojito @

I recently gave a talk at the JavaScript Developer’s Conference in Taiwan about Yahoo!’s new MVC JavaScript framework, called Mojito.