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What is the Execution Context & Stack in JavaScript?

In this post I will take an in-depth look at one of the most fundamental parts of JavaScript, the Execution Context.

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FED London – Sponsored by Yahoo

Yahoo London is hosting a quarterly front-end development meetup at its offices in the heart of central London. The next event will take place on Tuesday 13th January, 2015 between 6pm – 9pm and will have a theme for the evening of “building large scale web apps”.

Entry to this event is free, with pizza and beer being provided by Yahoo.

You can RSVP here http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/fed-london-sponsored-by-yahoo-registration-14767545125

Chaining Variable Assignments in JavaScript: Words of Caution

Declaring multiple variable expressions on a single line is common practice and also a great shorthand syntax.

However, while reviewing several developer’s work recently, I noticed many are not aware this creates implicit global variables.

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Identifier Resolution and Closures in the JavaScript Scope Chain

From my previous post, we now know that every function has an associated execution context that contains a variable object [VO], which is composed of all the variables, functions and parameters defined inside that given local function.

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Futures and Promises in JavaScript

With JavaScript usage constantly on the increase, asynchronous event-driven applications are becoming more and more popular. However, a common issue many developers face is with result-dependent operations being used in an asynchronous environment.

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